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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> it's gone! tie game. >> the way this team fought resembles cleveland how we scrap and claw and never give up and always earn it. i am proud of our indians. >> chris: heartbreak for the tribe. heartbreak for the city. epic game 7 of the world series and alas, it was the cubs who ended up on top, a day the disappointment hangs heavy. you know what, a sense of pride for the indians and their accomplishments. >> denise: absolutely. we were a hit or two away from winning it all. the loss not easy to take. tribe fans hoping for next year. mark, we come from behind. there's the rain delay and to lose it the way we did. >> mark: the indians said the rain didn't affect them and cubs
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and had a big 10th inning. >> a completion to what was an amazing story. 28 days of the 2016 cleveland indians postseason is unlike anything i have ever seen before and unlike anything a lot of people had ever seen before. they just kept winning games and were doing it with half the rotation thailand behind their back. we saw how far they could get with it. to the bottom of the 10th inning after game after raja davis, they didn't have the luxury of andrew miller and cody allen had already thrown a lot and didn't have big time arms and the order was looming in the 10th. the tribe had santana, kipnis and lindor. it was their last best chance to win it. kipnis said the guys wanted to end it right there. >> we wanted to, yeah.
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it's tough to do it again, obviously. by that time we were riding the wave of raja's and you are in game 7. it was intense. fans were standing the whole time. it is one of those games and from my knowledge. and happy to be part of it. >> i was out in the plaza for that home i happened to be there. we do news at 11:00 and i had to do a live shot. it is the most incredible scene i have been in sports, i ever dealt with. it was amazing. they were that close. i just said this on facebook. davis home run is the most incredible most amazing baseball moment i have ever experienced in my life. i would absolutely hate that i would have to associate it with the most devastating loss i have been a part of.
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we went nuts in the plaza. you hear me yell and scream and for some reason it went when davis hit that. >> chris: and if there is something to take the indians themselves tweeted out the roster as it remains with club control of 2020 and we see the big names. most of it. it is coming back. >> the only big name will not is napoli. we have to make a decision there. he is 35. he will play n if a club comes him at three years and $15 million and ridiculous offer they have to make a decision. they will have to tweak the offense anyway. the pitching staff will be back. miller is under control two years. they will be healthy and good. can we get back to the world series. >> denise: fingers crossed. most cleveland fans are disappointed and solidly behind the indians. >> chris: some blame the rain
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no one expected the tribe to get this far. catherine bosley live in cleveland. now we are going on 69 years without a championship, catherine. we own the title, longest drought. >> reporter: a tough reality for sure. cleveland we are as tough as the metal fence that surrounds progressive field. that's why we know we can handle it. however, as much as we love our tribe, we also know it will take a little what a different downtown on the day after. back to the real world. every day life. oh, so quiet. you can almost. hear the birds. you can certainly sense the hurt. >> how are we feeling today after that. >> like the weather. gloomy. it was a long game. they tried their best and couldn't pull it out. >> the feeling and seems like everybody is somber.
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where charles hale will tell you all about it. >> how did you feel when you woke up this morning. >> feel empty. >> reporter: empty? >> yes. we should have had it. >> reporter: a tribe fan all his life and so proud of the tribe and knows he gave it everything. still shaking it off will take a little time. >> you can't stop thinking about it, huh? >> no. stayed in my mind. >> keep seeing it over and over in your mind. >> bad flashback. >> as old as maybe next year these days seems to have a new meaning with more reason than ever in the years ahead and appreciate what we have today. >> it is disappointing. at the same time i was glad it was a close game. we had dignity at the end. >> indians put up a fight all the way to the end. >> you know, next year isn't even that far away. when you think about it,
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spring training in about four months. something to think about as we catch our breath and get some sleep in cleveland. >> reporter: reporting in downtown cleveland catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> chris: all right, catherine hope springs eternal. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of your indians. coming up at the bottom of the hour hear lebron james message for the team and community and a 2-year-old prediction that may have you shaking your head. >> denise: i don't know about you when i got in the home last night after all that, i felt i was kicked in the gut and raining cats and dogs as if it was raining from heaven. >> chris: the weather reflected the mood of the city. >> denise: jeff, it is dreary out there today, too. >> jeff: we knew the rain would come in at midnight. at midnight we had the one shower. main batch came in an hour and a half later.
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go 13, 14 innings and ran into that batch of rain, who knows what would have happened then. >> all right. 55 elyria now. 56 mentor and obviously a change and the reason for the rain we saw last night was because of the cold front that came through and mainly cloudy and a hint of sun every now and again. 57 now cleveland hopkins, wind not that bad steady to the mid to upper there and seasonable night ahead and could see a spot shower. lake-effect rain and we don't have any on radar. dry spell will start again tomorrow. sun-filled weekend and pleasant. temperatures going back up. most of next week will be dry. details coming up later on. here is traffic.
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by ford. >> we will take a live look at the roads here 77 and 480. the cloverleaf. there are a couple of things going on that you need to know about. an accident on 480 westbound after the jennings freeway. two lanes are blocked on the left side and an accident on lakewood i-90 eastbound lanes at mckinley and traffic is slow to hilliard. delay of about a minute. no biggy. for a local couple in the suburbs. >> two men burst into their homes with guns. the couple forced to call 911 from their closet. harry boomer is live with the details. what are police telling you. >> talk about a frightening experience on halloween. one family got a real life scare when one man tricked the owners to opening the front door.
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guns. >> people in your us who guns? >> i don't know if they are still here or not. >> reporter: you can hear the terror of the homeowners with a westlake police dispatcher. >> are you in a room that is locked? >> two men with identities disguised forced their way into the house after the wife opened the door thinking it was trick-or-treaters asking for candy. the suspects wanted cash instead. >> they demanded money from the woman and her husband. when the husband hesitated one of them hit him over the head with a handgun and inflicted an injury. at that point he did surrender the cash they had in the house. >> reporter: after being pistol whipped the male homeowner was taken to st. john medical center for treatment. captain guy turner of westlake police says a substantial amount of money was taken. the home invasion sent a shockwave to the neighbors. >> it is unusual what happened in this neighborhood.
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anywhere. >> i don't like this, >> you know mrs. mueller says she is also concerned. >> the only thing i can tell you in the future, make sure the lights are on and look first before you open the door. >> the only thing we hope is the two guys will blab talking about the great hit they made in westlake. if anyone hears the remarks we would like to hear from them. >> these guys knew exactly who they were hitting. theyal house for pocket change. they will not say how much was taken. by the way, nothing else was taken. >> reporter: getting answers in westlake, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> chris: boom, thanks for that. >> if you live in university circle, you may be extra careful. >> denise: four armed robberies in a week in the small area where so many local treasures are. >> mark nolan is in the alert center with details. >> mark: this is one of the situations where nobody was hurt in the robberies.
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could be much worse. here is the map and how it worked out. a woman last friday robbed at gunpoint near case in her car on hazel. guy opens the door, points a gun, takes her money and leaves on foot. similar story tuesday. he is her, 6 minutes later at 9:15. both victims say two black men, 5'75"8 may be handgun. at 8:15 back at hessler court showed a gun and demanded money and take off on foot. not unlike what captain turner and somebody will blab and keep an ear out. if you live in this neighborhood and heard about it, maybe you have a kid at case and give them simple reminders. travel at least in pairs and be smart.
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cleveland 19 news. >> denise: thank you, mark. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 political punch. a political debate at one
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: six people arrested in new orleans after a political debate between candidates for a u.s. senate seat.
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college and many in the crowd objected to former clan leader and senate candidate david duke taking part. police had to use pepper spray to control the crowd. if you are traveling by air you know it is stressful, long lines, the expense and confusion. >> chris: that's right. religious chapels are more common at airports helping people stay grounded before hitting the air. getting answers on faith flying. >> reporter: she is flying to morocco for business. his nearly 12 hour journey began at the islamic center at john f. kennedy international airport. >> by doing this, i am fulfilling my duties. >> reporter: this small mosque is filled with travelers and airport employees. imam says attendance is growing. >> for muslims it is very important to have a space like this so they can go inside
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pray, connect with god and go on their way. >> reporter: more than half the nation's busiest airports have a place for worship. at j.f.k. there are four separate chapels, one for each major religion. >> reporter: the islamic center, synagogue and catholic protestant church are side by side. the father heads up the catholic chapel our lady of the skies. >> there's a full-fledged cong j.f.k. is a city that employees about 36,000 employees. that's bigger than many parishes. >> the father spends most time reaching out to passengers on the go. he calls it sweeping the terminal. >> i am looking for any sign of stress. >> reporter: most of the time people want directions. others need more. >> people are very stressed when they enter the airport. we find that the chapel is a
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it is time well spent. >> reporter: marlie hall, cleveland 19. >> chris: there is an interfaith center at hopkins next to the security checkpoint at concourse b open daily from 5 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> denise: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. the first class action lawsuit has been filed against samsung following dozens of cell phones catching the lawsuit alleges samsung s-6, s-7 are unsafe blaming a defect and software issues. a major overhaul for the uber app, first redesign of the transportation service since 2012. the uber app is meant to be less confusing for people and offers short cuts that predict where you could be headed. the app is rolling out today.
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for facebook. the major networking web site has close to 2 billion users and 70% of all people with internet access. facebook posting record profits. investors fearing the growth is not sustainable. check it out. it is the christmas toy craze of the holiday season. interactive toys that hatch from ti if can you find them. they are selling out and selling for nearly $1,000 on ebay. >> i thought $50. >> jeff: gee whiz. we just got done spending $1,000 on world series tickets and now i have to spend one on a hatchable. >> here we go tomorrow will be cooler than the 57 we are seeing right now.
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the warmer air is lurking. it is 67 out to the west in chicago and we get in the 70s further west from there. we have a gradual warming trend on the way this weekend. look at this. a little bit of rain showing up now. around detroit. it could find its way here later on this evening into the overnight. and developing isolated showers around the midnight hour. view forecast starting at 8:00, low to mid-50s and it is a gradual fall dropping in the 40s tonight and you can see the north wind by midnight to 2 a.m. and you could see rain around lorain county in the cleveland area. tomorrow morning low to mid-40s inland and we could be around 50 in downtown cleveland.
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54 the high tomorrow. it will be chilly for the friday night football games tomorrow night. enjoy the weekend. we are back close to 60 on saturday. how about 64 sunday for the browns game. monday 66. all the way while stay dry t. looks like election day. we will be dry here as well. cloudy sky. just isolated showers that could 46. the low in cleveland akron-canton. cloudy and because of that not a big crop in temperature 46 for your high. mostly cloudy more sun late day 54 and here is the planner 48 at 8:00 a.m. 51 at 11:00. 53 at 2:00 in the afternoon and 52 at 5:00 tomorrow night and we will see a bigger temperature drop with the clearer sky.
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saturday night and sunday. sunny 64 and clocks back an hour before going to bed saturday night and look at this. staying dry. monday 66. election day mostly cloudy and 64. cooler wednesday, 58. thursday 60 degrees. i don't have any rain icons there on the next 7 days. >> it will be a tranquil weather situation. >> we need tranquility. >> denise: definitely after all that. >> chris: i hear you. thank you, jeff. coming up next on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 the highest paid woman in music is revealed. a popular actor makes waves
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>> chris: time for your eye on
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music. a mash up of two popular tv shows. a top award for leonardo decaprio. it has nothing to do with his acting. >> try to have conversation with anyone about climate change, people tune out. >> denise: not everyone tunes out. his documentary on climate change is drawing oscar buzz. it is called before the flood. decaprio is set to receive a special honor at the hollywood film awards >> chris: taylor swift is the highest paid woman in music taking in $170 million in the past year. it comes as no surprise to her fans. forbes magazine says most of the cash from her world tour, swift, of course taking in $200 million. adele a paltry 84.5 and number 3
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$76.5 million. >> denise: i was surprised beyonce. >> breaking bad starts as walter white as a bumbling chemistry teacher and turning himself into a full fledged monster. netflix is linking two popular tv series breaking bad and the walking dead. a video posted on-line claims drugs used in one show caused the zombie outbreak on the other. netflix admits it is but they are just having fun. >> chris: any time you combine those two, people will click just to watch. okay. still ahead at 5:00. the battle of the undecided
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
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when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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about presidential politics tonight and days before the election. there's still a lot of undecided voters. >> chris: that's right they are out there. many in the battle ground state of ohio those voters could be the difference between who wins and who loses. ryan nobles covers campaign 2016. >> sara is an example of the type of voter hillary clinton and donald trump are battle egg over. >> i think a lot of people feel that way. not necessarily one shining >> she lives in the battle ground state of virginia. a stay-at-home mom and typically she votes republican and her choice is complicated. >> want knowing who i am going to vote for when i show up at the booth is terrifying? >> she doesn't particularly like hillary clinton or donald trump. so much so she is seriously considering not casting a ballot at all. >> i don't know if i am not going to vote.
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casting a vote. >> reporter: as a woman she appreciates the historic nature of hillary clinton's run for the white house. in fact, she desperately wants a woman to be president. >> heck yes. i think it is amazing a woman is the presidential candidate. >> reporter: she is not sure she wants it to be hillary clinton. >> just because she is a woman does not mean she will be the very best leader for our country. >> reporter: she would also prefer to vote for a republican, but not a republican like donald trump. been a career politician in many ways and i also think it might put the country at a disadvantage. >> reporter: less than a week to go she is like millions of americans, unhappy with her choices and unsure how to cast her ballot and not sure if anything in the closing days of this campaign will change her mind. >> reporter: in washington, i'm ryan nobles. >> denise: the latest poll from cbs news and "new york times" shows 8% of likely voters
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they will be voting for next tuesday. >> chris: with five days before the presidential vote the cuyahoga county board of elections making sure your polling sites are not only safe but neutral. election officials are trained to handle voter intimidation and potential disruptions at schools and town halls and election centers and town hall officials want to ensure a strict perimeter will be enforced next tuy waiting for any potential problems. >> all police departments will patrol voting locations and sheriff's department out in force working to ensure safety and poll workers on election day. >> reporter: the board of elections is taking steps to ensure no voter fraud or election rigging and how they are making sure the election is on the up and up is coming up at 6:00. stay with cleveland 19 news
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campaign 2016. can you always find updates on, our facebook page or on twitter. >> reporter: for the undecideds out there a good weekend to take a stroll in the park and maybe think things over. >> denise: absolutely. check out the fall foliage. maybe will you find answers in the leaves. >> jeff: i like that thinking. take a walk in the park and decide what you will do out there. yeah, it is dry weather coming up. i don't have any alert days the next 7 here. short term challenges when we break up this cloud cover and could see a spot shower midnight and isolated showers and lake-effect rain that comes down off the lake. 54, 47 at midnight. and it won't be a huge drop in temperature tonight because of the huge drop in clouds. akron, you are at 60 and dover
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the other side of things norwalk 54 and elyria 55 and wind isn't too bad and looking more like a november sky out there not nearly as warm as record highs. spotty showers tonight. dry spell will start tomorrow for everybody. a sun-filled and pleasant weekend as temperatures will be going up. i told you about this a couple minutes ago. no alerts in the next seven days. we don't have appreciable rain in the forecast. tomorrow will be cooler. 54. that's the coolest day we see in a while. more of a mostly cloudy sky. i have us cloudy in the morning. 48 at 8:00, 51 at 11:00. 53 at 2:00. as the afternoon wears on tomorrow, i think we could see more and more sunshine meaning friday night football games will be dry.
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tomorrow akron-canton 54 will be your high. >> let's look at future view. dry and cloud cover and after 11:00 with that north wind it is indicating isolated showers around. in fact, that could happen west of cleveland with that north wind. tomorrow morning we start out cloudy and watch what happens giving us a few showers. i don't think that will happen. as the afternoon wears on a little more sunshine out there. full details on the weekend and tell you about this dry stretch of weather coming up. chris? >> chris: he mentioned high school postseason and that begins major league postseason that is now over. tough day for all indian fans let's be honest, all of us. what a season despite the outcome, dee. >> denise: we are proud of them. cavs star lebron james a big
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he has a special message for the team and the fans. >> post game at the world series game 7 just want to congratulate the indians on an unbelievable season. you guys did something nobody would ever think you guys can do and we are very proud of you. you know, the whole cavs organization, all the fans, the whole city of cleveland we are all proud of you guys. you have nothing to hang your heads low about. use this as inspiration i also want to congratulate the chicago cubs on winning the world series, the first one in 100-plus years. magical season, you all. you were the best team in major league baseball all year and you showed a lot. much respect to both ball clubs and congratulations to chicago cubs and much respect to my hometown cleveland indians. looking forward to seeing you
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all good. uninterrupted. >> denise: that was cool. >> chris: good stuff. of course cleveland fans were flooding social media during the game, end of the game, all night, overnight. who slept, right? >> chris: it is how we all watch, watch the tv, scroll through and tweet. >> a lot congratulating the team on the season. dan deroos is in the message positive. let's change things up a little bit f. the cavs hadn't won their championship and indians lost, i don't think people would be feeling as toasty as they do today. allen here says all that indians loss did was galvanize my love for cleveland and my desire to see a repeat cavs championship # defendtheland. eric this is funny.
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tonight? it was that good of a series. we want the whole thing to keep going. where was the other one i wanted. the young lady who got to work. brittany saying co-workers saying give me a hug, i know how bad you wanted it, sorry. made my heartache more. #rallytogether. >> lindsey saying can we still have a parade or party for the indians. raja davis for president. they gave it their best shot. a and we will be ready for 2017. >> getting answers in the answer center, back to you. >> denise: i have to get some sleep. i will hit a wall tonight. i think a lot of us will. and it will be time to turn the page and get the extra hour with the clocks. coming up, the bad food market from the dumpster to the store shelves. better believe it? selling
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a scary scene this morning in los angeles. someone fired at a school bus. it hit the windshield and thankfully no kids were on board at the time and the driver wasn't hurt either. police believe the shot was fired during an altercation nearby, however no arrests have been made. in texas, a five alarm fire ripped through a storage facility.
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over the neighborhood. this was in dent on county. no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. >> denise: some medical news now for the parents of teenagers. most of you know how tough it is to get them up in the morning. there's a new push now to start schools later. doctors blame daytime sleepiness and tendency to stay up late on teens be out of sync with their daily school schedules. researchers say findings support starting school later in the day believing it will be a better match for the teen's natural body clock pattern. a warning about children and salt. health experts say nearly 90% of young people are eating way too much salt and much is coming from processed and fast food. researchers believe a preference for salty foods develop early in a lifetime and continues into adulthood putting you at a
5:43 pm
problems. so much salt in everything these days. >> chris: you have to read the labels. >> denise: shocking new numbers from the feds. we throw out more than 130 billion pounds of food every year and some even call it a environmental crisis. >> chris: activists overseas are taking action taking food from dumpsters putting it on store shelves. teri okita getting a jump on the food project. >> this is the weeks that sara is shopping at what's called the anti-supermarket. many items have expired sell by or best by dates. >> we are disgusted the way the world is going and exploiting it and not appreciating what the earth gives us. >> reporter: each week more than 20,000 pounds of groceries arrive in england. the real junk food project shows how much edible foods is
5:44 pm
and place that is donate the items to the store. >> do you think a concept like this would work in the united states. >> yes. this concept could work anywhere. whatever food is wasted. >> reporter: keith helps run the market and notes britain is the biggest food waste offender in the european union. >> we want the food out of the bins and offer it for people. >> they test for safety by smell, sample and if bad they throw it away. customers pay whatever they want. >> absolutely brilliant. to think all the stuff is saved from going into a landfill. >> the real junk food project hopes this is the start of a global movement getting consumers to think twice before tossing. >> reporter: teri okita cbs news, england. >> chris: the real junk food project donates groceries to schools and there are currently more than 125 food waste cascades around the world and
5:45 pm
and indiana. romona? >> romona: thank you, chris. tonight at 6:00, social media reaction to cleveland indians. if you need a pick me up we have a new video hyping our city. we are digging into the issues before election day and money issues. something voters will have to decide on. we will have those stories and much more when you join mark and
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>> chris: the election cycle here is never ending, campaign stops and robocalls and of course all the commercials. >> denise: we are going back in time to 1952 coverage broke new ground in broadcast
5:49 pm
bumpy ride. >> new york city, the big election night 1952. >> reporter: the first national broadcast of a presidential election. the 1952 race between dwight eisenhower and l.a. stephenson. walter cronkite was in the anchor chair. eisenhower is leading at this particular moment. >> reporter: it was the first time the network used a computer to predict the outcome of an election. >> this is not a joke or trick. is >> the newsman struggled to explain uni-vac, a enormous computer from philadelphia. >> on the right it looks like something of a typewriter. that's the way it talks. >> reporter: not always on cue. >> can you say something uni vac? do you have anything to say to the television audience?
5:50 pm
>> the team struggled with an early version of hands free microphone. >> i will put on this gadget. is that all right. >> for doug edwards it led to a mishap. >> excuse me. >> reporter: wean a few hiccups, the newscast was considered a triumph for cbs news. >> he can remember 15 million digits or alphabet cal charte nation into the start of the computer age. >> reporter: jamie yuccas, cleveland 19. >> denise: wow. how times have changed uncle walter. >> chris: isn't that amazing? we will stream our coverage nonstop tuesday. times have changed. >> denise: going to be an interesting night. >> will the weather cooperate ahead? >> it is looking that way. will we use the computer they used in that story as well?
5:51 pm
i did like microphones as well. those -- yep. 54 will be the high tomorrow. other than an isolated shower that could happen tonight, we are basically rain-free. not only through the weekend but as of now through most all of next week. it will be quite the dry stretch of weather. of course things can always change and how we see now. 54 tomorrow mostly cloudy and sun late day and clear out and chilly for friday night football games tomorrow 39 and look at the weekend near 60 saturday and sunny. not too shabby. saturday night dropping down to 43. clocks back an hour before you go to bed saturday night there. when you get up on sunday lots of sunshine. eventually the high will hit 64 on sunday.
5:52 pm
monday mostly sunny 66. there's election day. a mostly cloudy sky and we will keep it dry. 64. wednesday a little cooler and mostly cloudy 58 and next thursday a mixed sky and 60 degrees. nothing too cold. temperatures for the most part above normal for the month of november with the exception of tomorrow where it will be cool, 54 and we sunday. 66 monday and the trend slowly down. not a rapid drop and there's your election day forecast. 64 and mostly cloudy. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. still ahead at 5:00 couples and cars. a new study on the biggest pet peeves behind the wheel. and your partner may be driving
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at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak.
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>> chris: new video of the presidents going viral. check it out. the president was campaigning for hillary clinton in miami. he was working the rope line after a speaking engagement at
5:56 pm
grabbing his space. mr. obama didn't seem to mind and pushed in to give the youngster a better hold. >> denise: nothing like a little baby cuddling. a new study is out on couples driving together. the poll found 65% of the people that questioned said they were most aggravated by their partner driving too fast. 55% called out tailgating biggest annoyance. the number one pet peeve 71% said it was their partner not listening to their suggestions on the road. >> chris: interesting. >> denise: my husband does not drive too fast. >> chris: and my wife drives perfectly. >> i have to keep my lip buttoned. showing cleveland love. tracking down where lebron and
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>> jeff: now at 6:00 cooler field and cloud cover and we could see an isolated shower tonight. >> romona: plus five more days as the election looms. hillary clinton and donald trump have little time to sway undecided voters. >> mark: plus lebron james showing cleveland so where did he get the shirt? cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window, siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: the indians ended their run in historic fashion. >> to be associated with those
6:00 pm
>> mark: while disappointed, fans stick together. >> you guys nothing to hang your heads low about. >> mark: celebrating our season and our city. >> we were ready. >> were you is there? >> we will have more on that cleveland video coming up in just a little bit. >> romona: that makes you feel good. >> joins with us the thrill ride of a season the indians gave us and what can be learned for next year. >> mark: i hate talking about next year. that's where we are at. that is the silver lining and they have learn add lot and fairly young team and go next year battle-tested and that can help. most of the club will be back and we will talk about that in sports. we do know that the 2017 cleveland indians will start the


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